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As one of the world’s most stable economies and boosting some of the best business-focused government legislation, it’s no surprise that businesses choose

Bank Account in Switzerland: Your next steps

As one of the world's most stable economies and boosting some of the best business-focused government legislation, it's no surprise that businesses choose to invest in Switzerland and that entrepreneurs focus on forming a Swiss company. Its not uncommon for foreign companies to even headquarter their operations in Switzerland, even if they operate primarily internationally, the Swiss business climate is just too enticing.

The country being centrally located in Europe and having some of the strongest international connections means that business ventures or simple currency investments are certain to be surrounded by high growth.

There are also a number of shelf companies you can choose to purchase if you don't wish to launch from scratch. If you've got any questions about investing in Switzerland or forming a Swiss company then feel free to reach out to us.

Why form a Swiss company?

One of the first things you might notice about forming a Swiss company is that it costs more to launch than a few other countries, like Cyprus. Though, many investors don't realise is that a company coming from Switzerland has a prestigious appeal that almost no other country in the world can provide.

On top of a good brand perception, Swiss companies are also subject to some of the worlds best business infrastructure systems, government systems as well as some of the lowest corporate tax rates currently on offer around the world. Swiss tax rates are also far lower than neighbouring countries.

A quick overview and some research will show you that in some Swiss cantons corporate tax for both local and international operating businesses can be as low as just 11%. Though it's best to look around to ensure the canton you're thinking of launching a business in is the best available.

Where to invest in Switzerland?

There are a few things to note if you're in the early stage of company formation in Switzerland, and that is each cantons different tax laws and regulations.

If your first canton choice is currently Genève you should possibly look toward moving to Neuchatel thanks to their dramatic corporate tax rate change dropping from 10% down to 5% in 2016. Another reason to choose Neuchatel is the cantons major influx of high-tech brands and innovative firms. This means that the canton has its foot in the market and is growing at great speeds.

On top of the aforementioned tax cut, Neuchatel is also becoming a rather powerful 'silicon valley' of sorts, even more than Zug. It really is the new it-address for an entrepreneur to invest in Switzerland.

The cost of forming a company in Switzerland?

Starting your own business is expensive no matter where you live, but in Switzerland launching your own business offers far greater returns for your expense. Government incentives and low taxes alone offset the launch of a business within just a few months.

The price per type of company in Switzerland changes, though the main small business sizes are priced as follows:

  • A public limited company or an AG: 1,750 – 3,000 CHF

  • A limited liability company or GmbH: 1,230 – 2,000 CHF
  • A sole enterprise: 500 – 900 CHF
  • A limited partnership: 300 – 900 CHF
The prices listed above are simply outlines and you might experience a higher or lower price point depending on where you're looking to launch your business and what type of business type you want to create.

If you would like some help with forming a Swiss company then feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be able to take you through every step in the launch and ensure you meet all requirements before an operation begins, and this can save you from unnecessary penalty fees or delays during launch.

Each one of our services is priced slightly different due to the work involved, so get in touch and let us know exactly what we'll be doing and we'll be more than happy to help!

Swiss company maintenance

A few final things you'll need to know about forming a Swiss company is ensuring that the company continues to be viable and meets all local and federal requirements of a business. This means that a compliance document or assessment is required on an ongoing or annual basis to show that the business is still in line with local laws.

If you require any assistance with ongoing maintenance don't hesitate to reach out to us for anything you might need.